Engelbrink Inventing Process

Invention enthusiast and former Penn State college track star, Richard Engelbrink, possessed a keen eye for innovative new technologies and invention methods. Learn more about his approach, the Engelbrink process.

The Engelbrink Process

Richard Engelbrink wanted to invent a myriad of new tools, gadgets and technologies which would deliver advancements to humankind.


As an invention enthusiast, he took a great interest in keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest products launched by new inventors.


From medical technologies designed for early detection of brain tumors, to everyday inventions to improve life around the home, Richard kept a keen eye toward the future.


His approach, the Engelbrink process, was instrumental in his life-long pursuit of advancement.

Inventive Methods Richard Engelbrink Used

What Were Some of the Inventive Methods Richard Engelbrink Used?

Richard Engelbrink wanted to invent and keep abreast of new technologies to benefit his friends, family and neighbors. Inventions which delivered long-term, lasting impacts on humanity were his passion. He was especially interested in new technologies which helped unravel the mysteries of the human mind and promoted mental health issues.

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Richard Engelbrink poses for a photo in Houston Texas

Richard’s Systematic Observations

Richard firmly believed in both the scientific method as well as academic and personal integrity. That is why he used techniques strongly tied to established scientific research principles including:


  • Systematic observation
  • Measurement
  • Experimentation
  • Hypothesis formation, testing and modification

Engelbrink’s Enduring Principles

These enduring principles formed the basis of Richard’s outlook on life as well as his desire to come up with new inventions. He took an active interest in the works of his fellow inventors and offered his support whenever he could. As a lifelong card player and bridge enthusiast, he used the social interaction of card games to forge deep personal connections and build lasting friendships.

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Learn More About the Engelbrink Process

Richard’s guide to invention methods is simple, straightforward and useful for all aspiring inventors. This method can help inventors take an existing product and improve on it, or develop a radical new way to address a problem or solve a vexing medical issue. By staying true to the scientific method and supporting fellow inventors who did the same, he leaves behind a legacy of truth and honor.

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