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Invention enthusiast Richard Engelbrink reports on new developments and shares some of the rich history of inventing that has come out of Houston and continues to this day.

New Devices Invented by Richard Engelbrink

Stay up-to-date on new devices invented by Richard Engelbrink of Houston, TX, and all of the incredible and innovative things created in the great city of Houston.

Engelbrink Invention News

Richard pays tribute to the rich and living history of inventors in Houston by sharing some of the things that we wouldn’t have today without Houston.

Richard's Texas Inventions

Watch here for the latest creations to come out of the largest city in Texas.

Houston Innovator Richard Engelbrink

Richard Engelbrink, innovative invention enthusiast reports on the latest Houston, TX inventions.

Richard Invention Enthusiast Reporting

With invention enthusiast Richard reporting on all of these exciting developments both contemporary and historical, you know you’ll get an insightful and interesting perspective. Richard has been a passionate inventor in Houston for many years, and he has found success nurturing many different inventions through the creation process.

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Richard Found a Next Door Camera

He’s always thinking of new ideas. While working downtown in Houston, Richard Engelbrink found next door a camera at a window, and that simple discovery gave rise to a whole series of revelations and new ideas for home security innovations.  

New Devices Invented by Richard Engelbrink in Houston, TX

Beyond the new devices invented by Richard Engelbrink in Houston, TX, Houston is known for a number of significant inventions that have changed our lives in numerous small ways. The screwpull corkscrew for opening bottles of wine was invented by an inventor in Houston, as was the roller cone drillbit, which allowed oil drilling to go farther and deeper than it ever had before.

The Weed Eater was created by a man from Houston, although it took a long time and a lot of perseverance before other people started to believe he had a chance of success. As Richard Engelbrink reported on latest gadgets a number of years ago, he stumbled upon news of the invention of the Eggies, plastic cups to make boiling and shelling eggs simple and easy. Condensed milk was also invented quite some time ago in Houston.

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Continuing the Legacy

One of the more famous and controversial inventions from Houston is the underwire bra, which was pioneered by Howard Hughes, Jr. for use in movies. While not so popular with movie stars themselves, it became a big hit for audiences everywhere. Quite possibly the most significant invention to come out of Houston, however, would be the ventricular-assist device, a device used to keep a patient’s heart working effectively while waiting for a transplant. 

Houston is full of well-known inventions and hard-working creative people coming up with new ideas all the time. Invention enthusiast Richard reporting on the latest innovations is trying to keep that legacy going and inspire the new generation of youth in Houston to continue dreaming and working to find success as well.

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