Richard Engelbrink Takes Invention Idea to a Production

Richard Engelbrink is an inventor with years of experience taking ideas from nothing to success. Now he wants to pass on tools for success to the next generation of inventors.

How Richard Engelbrink Markets a New Invention

Research is hard without funding or sponsors to back you up but you can’t let that stop you if you’re really committed to turning your idea for an invention into a reality and bringing it to market.

Engelbrink Commits to an Idea

The first thing you learn in watching Richard Engelbrink’s example is determination.

Richard's Brainstorming and Testing

From the brainstorming and testing process all the way to how Richard Engelbrink markets a new invention, it takes passion and dedication.

Richard Engelbrink's Tips to Market

Richard Engelbrink now shares his vast knowledge on how to go from an idea to production.

Richard’s Manufactured Device for Brain Tumor Detection

Richard is an 80-year-old man living in Houston, hoping to pass on tips and tricks to the new generation of inventors trying to find their way in the world. He wouldn’t have gotten where he is today without the help and encouragement of others along the way, and he wants to do the same for others trying to get started. With his help, you can make a mark in the world as well, like he did with Engelbrink’s manufactured device for brain tumor detection.

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Engelbrink’s Challenges

The two main challenges for people starting out trying to make a living from inventing are finding ideas and finding money. Richard spent nearly all of his time brainstorming and testing out new ideas. Not everything you come up with and try out is going to be successful. You need to try it anyway, and through all the thinking and trial-and-error you may eventually stumble upon the one idea you need to change everything.

Engelbrink Invents With No Out-of-Pocket Costs

You don’t need fancy materials and state-of-the-art equipment to try things out. Richard Engelbrink invents with no money on hand. As soon as you have a viable idea, you need to find a potential sponsor. Believe in your idea and practice selling yourself and getting people excited about your concept. You only need to get people excited enough to give you the basic funding to put together a sample of your invention. Then that funding can help you develop and get to the next stage.

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New Inventors Learn From Richard’s Tools for Success

If you believe in your product, you should be able to get someone else to believe in it. It takes perseverance and thick skin, as you may have to go around talking to a lot of different companies and developers before you find someone willing to pay up, but it’s worth it when you finally do. And that’s how Richard Engelbrink markets a new invention. You start out putting in the legwork until you find someone to buy in. Then eventually you can find a sponsor to be your partner for marketing and distribution.

Way back at the beginning, with one of his first inventions, Richard spent weeks visiting businesses every day and pitching his idea until he found a company willing to chip in a few dollars for a test product. Engelbrink’s manufactured device at that point was just a shoebox mock-up of what it would look like. But with his imagination, passion and dedication, he turned it into a reality.




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