About the Author: Richard Engelbrink

Learning more about Richard Engelbrink’s passion for inventing has led many young, aspiring inventors to develop innovative new designs and reach new heights of success.

Richard Engelbrink, Inventor

80-year-old Richard Engelbrink, inventor extraordinaire, enjoyed a lifelong love of new gadgets and technologies. 

Young Engelbrink

His fascination with inventing developed at an early age as he saw the world around him blossom with unimaginable improvements.

College Richard

He was an avid science-fiction enthusiast, and many say that his love of the genre fueled his passion for advancement. As a college track star at Penn State, Richard also took an active interest in health and fitness.

Richard Engelbrink and Brain Tumor Technology

Later in life, his favorite inventions focused on the medical industry, specifically new techniques for identifying and treating brain tumors.

Richard Engelbrink’s Interest in Inventing Gadgets Was Infectious 

Richard Engelbrink’s interest in inventing gadgets was inspiring and infectious. Friends, family members and acquaintances he met while playing card games developed their own strong interests in creating new devices. They enthusiastically showed them off to Richard, and he would make recommendations for improvement. News quickly spread about Richard Engelbrink’s inventions and his keen interest in helping other inventors of all ages improve on designs. In fact, Richard’s front door camera invention can be directly attributed to a friend’s initial design concept.

Richard Engelbrink houston man is an invention enthusiast and reports news on latest inventions
The latest gadget news from Richard Engelbrink reporting from Houston Texas

Richard’s Initial Vision

Richard took the initial vision and then employed a wide range of commercially available technology and fused it into an innovative home security system. This game-changing invention led to a wide range of other improvements to Richard’s life. 

Engelbrink’s Persistence

He tirelessly worked to improve the energy efficiency and functionality of all systems in his home and even invented unique ways to help keep his Houston-area garden weed-free and lush year-round. Richard gladly shared these gadgets with friends, family and neighbors.

Houston Man, Richard Engelbrink, 80 year old invention enthusiast photo gallery

About Richard Engelbrink’s Inventions

This Engelbrink family man charged head-first into exciting new territory with his life-long pursuit of inventions to improve life for friends and family. Upon each visit to his home, visitors were anxious for new device news by Richard. His eyes would light up as he passionately displayed or discussed his latest designs.

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